Incident Management in Indianapolis

Are you in search of a company that offers full service incident management in Indianapolis? If so, look no further than us here at Interstate Delaware & South. We have a full service HAZMAT Response Team that is more than capable of performing a wide variety of site remediation services. Calling on just any company for incident management can be risky. You take the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t have the knowledge or proper tools, which can lead to a bigger mess and dangerous situation. When you call on our team, you can trust that we will get the job done quickly and safely!

Full Service Incident Management & More

What side remediation services do we offer exactly? The list is long, but some of them include semi-truck accident and cargo cleanup, fluid cleanup, and hazardous waste removal. These are just a few off the long list of incident management services we offer. Along with this, we are also happy to offer a wide range of other services to drivers in and around Indianapolis. We are able to provide towing service for any size vehicle, light or heavy duty. Whether you have a motorcycle, or a semi-trailer, you can count on us to tow it for you! Don’t trust just any tow company to handle your vehicle. If you call on an untrustworthy company, you could end up with more damage than you potentially had in the first place. Our team has years of experience and the proper tools to tow your vehicle safely!

Need roadside assistance? We can take care of that for you too! We will not leave you stranded. If you don’t need any of the services listed above, we do have a couple others. We hope you never find yourself in an accident, but if you do, and you need assistance, we offer recovery service. Some of these include off road recovery, forklift services, and airbag/air cushion recovery services. On top of everything we have mentioned so far, we are also able to transport vehicles or equipment. It doesn’t matter where you may need it transported in the United States, because we are able to take it wherever you need it! We can transport any and all vehicles and equipment, no matter the size.

Request Service Today!

If you are ready to request one of the services we have listed above, just give us a call. You can reach us at (317) 359-9611. Calling us is the only way you should request service if you are in an emergency situation, or need immediate assistance. However, if you are safe and don’t need us to help you immediately, we have another option for you. You can request service online! All you have to do is fill out the form and hit submit. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible, so we can help you in the most efficient way possible! This form should only be submitted during normal business hours! We are so grateful to be able to service drivers in Indianapolis!